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We are organizing several small scale workshops and guest lectures during each academic year. Several of these workshops are informally organized on an ad-hoc basis. Please find bellow only those workshops that have been formally organized and those that have a public web page:

Think globally, act locally

In addition to discussing state-of-the-art research, we also aim to keep those workshops small and accessible to local researchers and practitioners. We are not negative about big multi-track conferences, but we prefer to focus our energy on the research topics than the logistics of managing hundreds of people. 

Moreover, we believe that local events should care deeply about the issues of local people, because the rest of the delegates might be embodying an (artificial) role imposed by the event itself. Thus, the majority of our empirical research has been performed in local schools and has involved local people. Nevertheless, we are tackling research issues that might have a wider impact and in each case we are evaluating the research results in the face of the established body of findings.

Please keep in touch to be informed about all workshops organized by the project.