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The final project report provides a brief overview of the research performed during the official project life-time (January 2009 - December 2011). For more up to date results please follow the news.

The aim of project CULT (FP7-MC-ERG-230894) is to study, design and inform the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for students in remote schools.

The project's nature is rather applied than basic research, because the remote rural schools have a need for immediate and simple technological support, which matches their particular situation. For this purpose, we have compiled a set of guiding research principles in a Manifesto. 

This research is partially supported by a Marie Curie European Reintegration Grant within the 7th European Community Framework Programme

The project has been working on the following themes:
  • Understanding user needs and user behavior in remote schools
  • Understanding existing practices in the adoption and maintenance of educational technology in remote schools
  • Development and evaluation of collaboration platform for remote schools
  • Development and evaluation of video navigation tools
  • Evaluation and continuous assessment of new media in schools, such as laptop, interactive blackboard/surfaces