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Ioannis Leftheriotis

Research Assistant

2010, Giannades, Corfu

iolef [at] acm [dot] org

Ionian University
Department of Informatics, Corfu, Greece

    • MSc in Informatics and Humanistic Studies, Ionian University (2011)
    • BSc in Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2009)

Research interests:

    • Human computer interaction
    • User centric media
    • Multitouch surfaces and interfaces
    • Interaction design


    • Peer reviewed Journals:
      • Leftheriotis I., Giannakos M.N. Using social media for work: Losing your time or improving your work? Computers in Human Behavior 31: 134-142 (2014) [view
      • Chamodrakas, I., Leftheriotis, I.,  and Martakos, D.  In-depth analysis and simulation study of an innovative fuzzy approach for ranking alternatives in multiple attribute decision making problems based on TOPSIS. Applied Soft Computing, Vol. 11 (1): 900-907, 2011. [view]

    • For a complete publication list of International conferences and Journals:

Experimenting with a multi-touch screen.