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We have set-up an educational technology lab, in order to evaluate and develop novel computer systems that support school activities, such as learning, collaboration, tele-communication. 

Limitations of real field studies

Although we are in favor of real field studies, we have found that some of the required formalities for working directly in schools, might undermine the value of novel media technologies:
  • Outdated computers and peripherals
  • Mixed or conflicting interests from stakeholders (teachers, parents, administrators)
  • Restricted internet access
As a matter of fact, the employment of novel media technologies in schools usually requires a significant change in infrastructure and practices, which creates an irregularity to the natural rhythms of the school.

Benefits of simulated field studies

We have selected to set-up our lab in a location that resembles a real school lab, as well as the school setting, at least with regard to local schools on the island of Corfu. 

Please find bellow some additional benefits of our school computer lab in comparison with the real school lab:

  • Flexible selection of teachers and students
  • Efficient deployment and maintenance of novel educational technologies
  • Controlled access and recording of computer use
  • Unobtrusive to the established educational practices

How does it look like?

Most university or industrial research labs have the respective atmosphere which might not be suitable for students, especially for primary education ones, who are accustomed to a smaller scale. We have set-up a PC lab that is very close to the look and feel (layout, size, equipment) of a typical PC lab in primary and secondary education. Moreover, we have selected to locate the lab in a small room, which is part of a small complex of buildings with ample open space. Finally, we have access to an additional room, which is used for piloting remote sessions, as well as for doing between-groups experiments. Please find bellow some photos of the location and the lab.

Labs are located on the second floor
South view from Lab1
West view from Lab1

Hall (Open door to Lab 2)


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