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The connectivity of distant communities could be reinforced through locative media technologies (e.g., WiFi, Bluetooth, public screens), which lend themselves to shared experiences, such as content sharing and collaborative interaction. In this project, we elaborate on the design aspects and the longitudinal evaluation of a telecommunication system that brings together the physically distributed community (students, academic and administrative staff) of secondary education institutes that participate in eTwinning activities

We plan to deploy an ambient and social interactive TV platform (physical installation, authoring tools, interactive content) that:
  • is easy to use (e.g., mobile phones, TVs, touch and gesture interfaces).
  • supports social communication in a positive way (e.g. civic participation, community awareness) 

In particular, we focus on a systematical longitudinal evaluation of the social effects of the media communication system on casual users. Besides the foreseen benefits for the local community, the outcomes of this research could have wide applicability in similar community establishments that take place over a distance or in distributed organizations.