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Alexandros Merkouris

Research Assistant


Ionian University
Department of Informatics, Corfu, Greece

    • MSc in Ubiquitous Computing, Hellenic Open University (2014)
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace (2003)

Research interests:

    • Computer Science Education
    • Robotics in Education
    • Wearable Computing in Education
    • Tangible Programming Languages


Alexandros Merkouris, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos. Introducing Computer Programming to Children through Robotics and Wearable Devices. WiPSCE 2015: The 10th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education, London, 2015.

Alexandros Merkouris, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, and Achilles Kameas. 2017. Teaching Programming in Secondary Education Through Embodied Computing Platforms: Robotics and Wearables. Trans. Comput. Educ. 17, 2, Article 9 (May 2017), 22 pages. DOI: